The Jupiter Bar
1307 University Blvd
Tuscaloosa, AL 35401

p: 205-454-8997


If you are interested in having your band play at The Jupiter, please follow these guidelines:

  • Media must be sent on CD or DVD, no cassettes.
  • For the tech savvy, save the paper and the postage, we are electronic press kit friendly as well. Feel free to send a link.
  • Include a bio, pictures, & relevant press clippings.
  • Include club, organization, & agent references along with contact information.
  • Give an honest approximation of how many paying customers your band can draw in this area.
  • Please include your contact phone number, website address, & email address.

Submissions cannot be returned, submitted material becomes property of The Jupiter. Please be patient. The Jupiter receives dozens of submissions every week & space is very limited. If we like what we hear & see, we’ll be in touch. On rare occasions we book local support for shows, but we have found that most national touring acts bring their own support. For this reason, we ask that you contact us via email only with booking requests. We cannot accept demo packages in the regular mail. If you have an interest in opening for a specific band, either contact the band directly, or email us your request with information on previous bookings anything else you can think of that would make us want to book you. We may or may not respond to your email. We try to read them all, but it is impossible to answer every booking request personally.

Send submissions to:

Jeremiah Jones

Attn: The Jupiter Booking

1307 University Blvd.

Tuscaloosa, AL 35401


The Jupiter has two great rooms to choose from. Both rooms are fully equipped with professional PAs.

For your convenience, you can download the production specs of each room here:

Main Stage is 42' W X 18' D X 4' H

There is an upstage right 10'X 6' space for a guitar world or tech use.

House monitor mix is upstage left and accessible by backstage cat walk.


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